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About Us

Authentic 100% wood smoked meats, slow cooked in the American tradition, but with and Aussie twist

We specialise in American style smoked BBQ favourites like Smoked BBQ Ribs which are our flagship product, 16 Hour Smoked Brisket, 16 Hour Smoked Pulled Pork, home-made sausages/salamis and sides

All food is cooked on an American made smoker (made in Kansas City) using a mix of American grown food grade wood (Hickory & Oak) but depending on the meat. I also like to use a touch of either apple, cherry or red gum. I prefer to minimise the smoke to introduce a subtle smoky flavour rather than that burnt ashtray “flat out” overpowering smoke that some prefer.

If you want to experience quality slow cooked barbeque then email us for a quote.

Devil’s Grill

Registration No 50.2001
Food Handlers Reg. 55264
Food Safety Supervisor Reg. 55349